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If you are a business owner you would know the importance of quotations in a business. A good quotation can make a business win business deals over their competitors. In the times when there is cut-throat competition in the market, it is essential for a business to use business management software with a quotation management system to create professional quotations and manage the business tasks efficiently.

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QMS Features in Business Management Software

Business Management System for Professional Quotations

Make attractive professional online quotations to send to clients for potential business opportunities.

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Download Quotation in the Business management system

Easily download quotations in a PDF format and print them in just the click of a button.

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Quotation to Invoice in Business Management System

The created quotations can be accepted or rejected. If accepted it can be easily converted into an invoice.

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Follow-up Reminder through Online CRM tools

The quotations sent to the customers can be easily tracked and a reminder can be sent for unnoticed ones.

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Easily modifiable Quotations

Easily customize the invoices in case the customers want any changes to be made as per their requirements.

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Multi-currency Quotations

Conveniently make quotations in the currency of the client’s country so that it can be easy for them to understand.

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Client Quotation Acknowledgement

A feature to check out the quotations sent by the clients and accept/reject directly from the software.

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Quotation Search

A feature to easily search the quotations by customer names if you want to check any details from anywhere conveniently

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Simple Interface

Creating quotations is very easy and straightforward in the business management system.

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Quoting Software in Business Management System

The growth of the internet era and digitization have opened the doors for various ways for businesses to grow with great digitization tools. One such way is the Quotation Management System(QMS) in the business management software. The QMS system made it very easy for businesses to communicate business deals through attractive quotations stating offerings for a business opportunity.


First, Let us Understand What a Quotation Management System is?


A quotation management system has numerous benefits for any growing business incorporated QMS smoothes out the quote process, This will help in giving a comparable quote across various branches all over a specific area. Quotations management systems facilitate users with different features for efficient management.

The following are the benefits of using a quotation management system.

Professional Quotations in Quote System

The core benefit of a QMS in business management software is that it enables users to create professional quotations to send to clients for attracting them prices and offers for them to accept a probable business deal with them. The online CRM system quotations hold the brand name of a company and it is far better and more professional than traditional handwritten ones.

Client Quotation Acknowledgement in the Quote System

Along with facilitating users to create online quotations the QMS also allows users to approve or reject the quotations received from clients. Users can check all the received quotations stored in the CRM database at any time and acknowledge them in just 1 click.

Multi-Currency Quotation Software

If you are a business owner with clients in foreign countries you would know how troublesome it is for understanding and converting quotations into the currency of the client’s country so that it would be easy for them to understand as well as acknowledge fast. The QMS solves this problem, users can create multicurrency quotations as well as convert received quotation values into their currency for better understanding.

Customization in the Quotations Software

The business management system allows users to conveniently customize already created quotations in case any changes required. Users can also change the quotation prices and items if clients want some changes to be made.

Quotations to Online Invoices in the Quote System

With attractive and professional quotations it is obvious that the clients will be impressed and finalize deals fastly. In that case, you will have to give invoices to the customers for the quoted amounts well with an online invoicing system you can easily convert these quotations into invoices in just 1 click.

Download Quotations in the Quotation Software

The business management system allows users to download the created invoices in a PDF format as well as take a print out of the quotations from the software itself in case clients require a hard copy of the quotations.

So these are some ways a QMS in a business management software can help a business in creating quotations along with many other features.

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