How Brand Protection Tech Is Helping The Food & Drink Sector

There’s no denying that intellectual property infringements are a big issue for many businesses and organizations. According to the USPTO (the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office), the problem costs intellectual property holders up to $4.5 trillion each year.

Unsurprisingly, those affected by intellectual property infringements want to take action and ensure that such issues don’t impact their businesses. You might think that such counterfeiting only affects those in creative sectors or brands in the fashion industry.

However, intellectual property infringements are also affecting the food and drink sector. Thankfully, one way to stop such counterfeiting in its tracks is through brand protection software, such as the solutions offered by Authena.

How The Problem Affects Food And Drink Brands

The sad truth is that intellectual property infringements have affected food and beverage companies for decades. It’s not a new problem, and it’s not looking likely that it’s an issue that will ever become a thing of the past.

The problem is widescale and affects brands both at a domestic and international level. But, how exactly does the issue affect food and drink brands?

Brand Name and IP Theft

Arguably, the biggest issue is when nefarious entrepreneurs attempt to sell food and drinks products, typically of inferior quality, to the general public using the branding of a legitimate brand.

Counterfeit Brands That Could Pose A Risk To Human Health

Sometimes, those inferior products could contain ingredients, bacteria, or chemicals that pose a significant risk to human health. As you can imagine, it can cause a catastrophic impact on the legitimate brand.

How Technology Can Help

Brand protection software is one weapon that food and beverage brands can leverage as part of their arsenal against intellectual property pirates. It’s a collection of digital tools that helps businesses protect their brands from various intellectual property infringements.

Some of the ways that such software from brand protection companies like Authena can help with the battle against brand infringements include:

  • Intellectual property infringement detection – identifying violations on the Internet and offline;
  • Validation – checking that potential infringements are valid and not simply a business associate, franchisee, or vendor using your brand name with your permission in new and emerging markets;
  • Enforcement – brand protection companies will take appropriate measures to stop identified intellectual property infringements, such as shutting down counterfeit production centers and removing online product listings.

What Can Happen Without Protection?

While it makes sense to take a proactive approach to intellectual property infringement, another option might be to sit back and do nothing about it. The truth is, taking no steps to protect your food and beverage brand’s intellectual property is a bad idea.

The problem won’t go away. If anything, it will only get worse as it can open the floodgates to more counterfeit products bearing your brand’s name on each item. Also, consumers negatively affected by such counterfeit goods could sue your brand.


The war against intellectual property theft and infringements is one where all businesses in the food and beverage sector must get as much help as possible.

Brand protection software is one positive step to shutting down counterfeit businesses stealing your intellectual property.