NFC labels in the pharmaceutical sector prevent counterfeiting

NFC labels feature unique authentication codes which are impossible to duplicate. This means that the packaging your products are in, cannot be cloned. This technology is changing the face of the business world and in particular, pharmaceuticals. The pharmaceutical industry relies heavily on consumer trust; perhaps more than any other industry. So the increased security that NFC labels offer them, is a great way to offer peace of mind. Customers can use their own smartphones to track packages and also to ‘scan’ them when they arrive at their door.

If the antenna in an NFC label is not broken, and the product has not been opened. Customers can see for themselves whether or not the product they have ordered has become compromised or not. This not only increases confidence in customers but allows you, the business owner, to detect when and even where the product may have become compromised.

NFC labels don’t just detect the tampering of products, they are also able to be used to combat counterfeiting of pharmaceutical products. Tampering can lead to contamination, theft or resale. One such example is painkiller medication such as opioids being cloned and radically changed to unsafe levels by criminal gangs. But with the latest security seals such as NFC labels that have sensors and data logging technology, you can prevent your products from being stolen and counterfeited.